Bliss Massage Therapy and Wellness

Renew the Body.

Massage Services

Swedish Massage- A gentle massage that will increase circulation and flexibility while reducing stress and pain levels, leaving you in a fully relaxed state.

30 minutes- $40        60 minutes-$70        90 minutes- $100

Deep Tissue Massage- A firm pressured massage that goes deep into the muscles to release tension and knots, improving range of motion and posture.

30 minutes- $45       60 minutes- $75        90 minutes- $105

Hot Stone Massage- Slip into complete relaxation as the basalt stones warm up your muscles to ease out tension and pain while increasing your metabolism and detoxifying the body.

60 minutes- $80          90 minutes- $110

Reflexology- In Chinese Medicine corresponding organs and systems of the body are stimulated through specific pressure points of the feet and/or hands to release toxins and metabolic wastes.

30 minutes-$40 feet or hands           60 minutes- $70 hands and feet

Prenatal Massage- (Must be in 2nd trimester or further to receive treatment) Let the aches and pains of pregnancy melt away as gentle pressure is applied to alleviate stresses on the joints and relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

60 minutes- $70

Aromatherapy Massage- Indulge yourself with your choice of a specific essential oil added into the the massage oil that will uplift your senses, relax the mind and ease away pain.

30 minutes- $45         60 minutes- $75        90 minutes- $105

CBD Massage- using CBD Clinic's Revolutionary Pain Relief ointments and massage oils that combine active pharmaceutical ingredients and hemp extract to quickly increase blood flow to muscles and joints and interrupt pain indicators, you will be left feeling more relaxed and relieved from every day aches and pains. Level 5 Pro Sport ointment and massage oil will be used during this treatment. the level 5 contains 16% menthol, 11% camphor and 200mg of cannabidiol (CBD). if you would like to know more about CBD and its amazing benefits, click on the CBD information link above.

30 minutes- $60          60 minutes- $90         90 minutes- $120

Respiratory Release Massage- massage of the face, scalp, neck and shoulders with the use of Deep Breath synergy essential oil blend to open up the senses and cold stones massaged on the face to help with headaches, congestion and inflammation. 

30 minutes- $45